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School of Choice

RLA is a High Quality School of Choice for the Community of Riverbank and other interested Stanislaus County residents.  The school has been established with its own distinct purpose, mission, vision and goals that set it apart from other California Public Schools.  As a School of Choice, it is not enough for RLA to become just another public school; we want to be a public school that provides students with an exceptional public school education.
The mission of the Riverbank Language Academy is to provide K-8 students with a state standards aligned, educational program rich in arts and sciences; utilizing a 90/10 Dual Language Immersion program in Spanish and English to deliver curriculum thematically in a linguistically and culturally safe learning environment.

Riverbank Language Academy students will graduate from the 8th grade bilingual and bi-literate, achieving at or above grade level proficiency. RLA students will have developed interest and appreciation for the arts and sciences; and will be life-long learners, demonstrating multi-cultural and linguistic respect. 
*With the approval of the RLA Charter Petition the RUSD Board of Trustees has established a distinct Mission and Vision for RLA.  However, RLA also embraces and supports the broader Mission and Vision held by RUSD and its role as one public school option in system of schools committed to educating our students and community at-large.
As a public charter school, the RLA team is committed to the following DLI program tenants:
-Provide a high quality “School of Choice” for the community of Riverbank,
-Provide relief for Riverbank’s already impacted elementary schools,
-The Academy’s structure and focus will be to facilitate the full implementation of the Dual Language Immersion program model (as prescribed in research-based methodology),
-Increase student enrollment in the DLI program,
-Extend the academic day and calendar year,
-Teach standards-based content through standards-based thematic teaching,
-Provide student data-driven instruction,  and
-Teach research-based state adopted curriculum for all learners, using reaserch-based instruction methodologies--
The founding group strongly believes that this only a partial list of the program strengths.  Other examples of charter-specific benefits of the RLA Program include charter school specific funding and research opportunities.